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a bob on a kite to provide balance

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* Glue gun--to glue frame members and attach kite tail (can also be stapled)
* Scissors--to cut out paper kite foil, cut kite tail material to length, cut and trim packaging tape for kite foil reinforcement, and cut tape and string for winder
To complete kite, cut a 60" length of crepe paper or cloth strip for the kite tail and hot-glue or staple it onto the bottom of vertical kite frame member.
The huge work of art is accompanied by a partner piece, The Taper, which at four tonnes is still a heavyweight in terms of Welsh public art, but is dwarfed by the Kite Tail.
The Kite Tail is being put in position close to the Aquadome water park.
Now you buy something and you're handed a kite tail - only wider.
Yazul's grandfather's contributes the brilliant addition of the gunpowder they place in bamboo containers at the end of the kite tails. When this explodes in the night sky, the terrified bandits flee.
Gul market situated at Harram Gate, once famous for kite accessories including kite strings in a variety of weights and lengths, kite tails, kite spinners and frills, now wears a deserted look.
A warm wind blew their broad fascia, which fluttered beside them like scarlet kite tails.
"And there are surprising details within the images." For example, a DNA double-helix is carved within the kite tails, a star constellation is "reflected" in a dragonfly's eye, and DNA patterns are entwined with the sculpted child's drawing of the sun.
The ingenious fliers were made from shopping-bag-type plastic, balsa wood dowels, crochet thread wound on tongue depressors and pink-and-orange fluorescent surveyor's tape for kite tails.
Lumber collected from demolished homes became kite frames, and high school students' poetry scrawled on colored paper became kite tails. This project and other creative arts have enabled students affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to express their emotions, and go back to school with a sense of release and a return to normalcy.
The video begins with a performance of Plains Daybreak (music by Alan Hovhaness) and ends with a performance of Classic Kite Tails (music by David Diamond).
Goodness, the coupon-laden receipts are so long you could make kite tails from them or dye them yellow and use them for crime-scene tape.