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a table in the kitchen

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Lynde says," remarked Anne plaintively, putting her slate and books down on the kitchen table on the last day of June and wiping her red eyes with a very damp handkerchief.
Standing all around the clearing were a good many cookstoves, ranges and grills, of all sizes and shapes, and besides these there were several kitchen cabinets and cupboards and a few kitchen tables.
Cancer charity Maggie's Forth Valley is encouraging friends, families and colleagues to create events around their kitchen table - be it at work or home - on April 27.
A GROWING technology consulting business in Coventry, which started life over a kitchen table, has tripled its turnover in just 12 months.
They rely entirely on donations so every penny raised by Maggie's Kitchen Table Day will make a difference - PS30 pays for an exercise class for 10 people and PS50 for a patient to spend an hour with a benefits advisor.
Priced at just PS10, it would be great to use when you're Houseology is a great way to serve up some really nice treats on the kitchen table.
40am and found his neighbour sitting at her kitchen table.
It's about a real, concrete plan: a plan for a recovery which reaches your kitchen table.
eating pulled pork at my kitchen table as the kids "I'd like to see him eating pulled pork at my kitchen table as the kids watch the telly," laughs Simon.
BOOKSHELVES are on the way out and the kitchen table is following them as technology rules our lives.
The executive work, the so-called kitchen table conversations through an area manager, after an application procedure, are plotted at a set purpose by the county and GLTO foundation namely Stimuland.
will be noticed that he is clinging desperately to the kitchen table.
Seated across the kitchen table, she lowered one flash card and raised another one.
Sipping coffee at my kitchen table, I have come to realize that there is much intellectual stimulation to be had in the Scholarly Kitchen.
People come in, are offered a cup of tea and they usually, automatically, sit around the kitchen table.