kitchen sink

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a sink in a kitchen

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Clare Pelham, chief executive of Leonard Cheshire Disability, said: "Many face the reality of having to wash in the same kitchen sinks where they peel their sprouts because they can't get upstairs to their bathrooms or having to use commodes in the same dining rooms where they ate their Christmas lunch.
I can think of times over the years when I have wept at kitchen sinks and banged pots and pans in anger.
Potential licensees in the fishing products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize The Kitchen Sink on a worldwide basis.
Reginox, Netherlands' largest producer of stainless steel sinks, has won red dot product design award for its recently introduced kitchen sinks Nevada 18-30.
Kitchen Sink feat THE CUREHEADS Ku Bar, Stockton Tomorrow Entry PS6
On Saturday, seven friends will leave Cardiff to cycle 400 miles to the Dutch capital Amsterdam - and they're taking a kitchen sink with them.
A MUM has told how a cowboy builder made off with her home's fittings - right down to the kitchen sink.
STAINLESS STEEL kitchen sink inserts have made installation in granite countertops significantly easier for the maintenance staff at Barton Hills Park Place Apartments, a 250-unit property in Austin, Texas, managed by The Medve Group.
How much time-do you spend at the bathroom sink brushing your teeth, or at the kitchen sink washing dishes?
A MIDLAND builder was hit in the pocket for more than pounds 1,000 after illegally shifting household items for dumping - including a kitchen sink.
Burglars who stole pounds 200,000 worth of valuables from a historic home in Worcestershire even stole the kitchen sink.
He said: "I am expecting the kitchen sink from Wales.
TO unblock your kitchen sink, crumble a few indigestion tablets into the plug hole and wash down with a cup of white vinegar.
I CAN only apologise to the tradesman who came to unblock our kitchen sink.
This old man wants me to fish his keys from the kitchen sink.