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a sink in a kitchen

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However, when emptying the kitchen sink (five to seven gallons max, I would guess) or the washing machine (quite a bit more water, of course), an awful smell is emitted.
The Kitchen Sink Brunch is described as follows: "This brunch has everything including the kitchen sink to soak up any over-consumed grog.
Banyo helps you to get your most desirable kitchen sinks with excellence in quality and price competitiveness.
I can think of times over the years when I have wept at kitchen sinks and banged pots and pans in anger.
I am quite sure many people living in rented flats in Bahrain, especially in Gudaibiya, would have never noticed these dirty worms in their bathrooms and kitchen sink areas.
Reginox wins design award for its latest kitchen sink
Watt, an author and screenwriter, producer, and director, examines 66 cult films that take severe turns when least expected and borrow from across the film landscape, known as "kitchen sink movies" because they throw in everything but the kitchen sink.
The group are heading to Stockton tomorrow night to headline the weekly Kitchen Sink gig at the town's Ku Bar venue.
HE married couple at the centre of Tom Wells' kitchen sink comedy might be Yorkshire folk but both are played by Welsh actors.
MOST people joke about packing the kitchen sink when they go on holiday, but these fundraisers have taken the saying literally.
As the kitchen sink is a visible element which is in constant use, everyday practicality is a key concern.
The ratings continue to take into account the company's established position in the granite based kitchen sink business, favourable market position by virtue of being in an industry with limited competition and comfortable capital structure at present.
How much time-do you spend at the bathroom sink brushing your teeth, or at the kitchen sink washing dishes?
Critics say the kitchen sink dramas were among the first to show the reality of British working-class life in that era.
Burglars who stole pounds 200,000 worth of valuables from a historic home in Worcestershire even stole the kitchen sink.