kissing cousin

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a more or less distant relative


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This dimly customized the Caipirissima lit, luxurious menu and trained a ($9): A delight attracts crackerjack kissing cousin everyone from bartending crew to the classic grandparents on for this Brazilian the town to young rejuvenated caipirinha.
Scheming Sadie plans to gets snaps of Cain kissing cousin Charity.
OK, so pleasure may be excess's kissing cousin, but being a versatile state of grace, it also equates to the good things in life being enjoyed little and often - the more often, the better.
Botanical florals is an important trend, as is its kissing cousin, the gardening theme, which includes everything from ladybugs, bees and butterflies to watering cans and birdhouses, all set against lattice motif, of course.
But when a traditional GIC issuer, Confederation Life, recently failed and another issuer, Crown Life, was downgraded below investment grade, many plan sponsors decided a better alternative might be the traditional GIC's kissing cousin -- the synthetic GIC, which offers greater safety through better diversification and the potential for higher returns.
When it comes to kinship, the X3, which BMW calls a sports activity vehicle, is a kissing cousin of the old-style station wagon.
Bile green with black, bile green with white, bile green with nile green, its kissing cousin.
Unfortunately, his kissing cousin has always had a keen interest in money and is just a little bit too excited by all they have made.
Gr1 winners: Danish, Kissing Cousin, Danehill Dancer, Tsukuba Symphony, Desert King, Fairy King Prawn, Tiger Hill, Indian Danehill, Wannabe Grand, Aquarelliste, Banks Hill, Mozart, Regal Rose, Dress To Thrill, Fine Motion, Landseer, Rock Of Gibraltar, Westerner, Clodovil, Light Jig, Spartacus, Grey Lilas, North Light, Punctilious, Oratorio, Luas Line, George Washington, Horatio Nelson, Rumplestiltskin.
But like kissing cousin Jack Johnson, Jorge isn't afraid of being topical - one song here decries the prevalence of silicone breast implants, another the harsh realities of the slum poverty seen in ``City of God.
Behind all the rhetorical malarkey about the free market and its cultural kissing cousin, America's radical individualism, is a blunt refusal to respond to that difficult, dogged question asked by a guy named Cain, lo these many years ago: "Am I my brother's keeper?
And in Los Angeles, young painters such as Ingrid Callame, Monique Prieto and, especially, Laura Owens - whose forty-foot-long, untitled, site-specific painting in Chicago last fall was a kissing cousin to My Aunt and I Agree - appear to have taken Hume's example as their own point of departure toward the mongrel realm of the semi-abstract.
Vanity and paranoia mocked: Brad Pitt (right) and George Clooney in the Coen brothers' icily brilliant response to the war on terror, a kissing cousin to the Cold War's Dr Strangelove.