kissing cousin

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a more or less distant relative


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Although the comparison is frequently made, perhaps more so than Carter's previous novels, Palace Council is a kissing cousin of E.
But don't expect Tower to be the last well-known retailer to be hit by the changing buying habits of consumers when it comes to music and its kissing cousin, the video movie business.
In fact, says Pekkarinen, foreign manufacturers have not had a great deal of success in the Finnish market with the main exception of Sweden which is economically, geographically and politically a kissing cousin of Finland's.
This dimly customized the Caipirissima lit, luxurious menu and trained a ($9): A delight attracts crackerjack kissing cousin everyone from bartending crew to the classic grandparents on for this Brazilian the town to young rejuvenated caipirinha.
Just look at the private kissing cousin of aquatics facilities, swim schools.
Scheming Sadie plans to gets snaps of Cain kissing cousin Charity.
From a headstrong young man, Kenai has now become Scaredy Bear, a kissing cousin to the Cowardly Lion who barely knows how to cope.
A klezmer musical with tunes composed by Klezmatics member Frank London, Green Violin is something of a kissing cousin to the Yale-educated Thoron's last musical play, Charlotte: Life?
So, with recent studies like "Emerging Strategies in Insurance and Technology" by IVAN S reporting that the insurance industry is well behind its kissing cousin, banking, in implementing technology solutions, the realization that insurance companies may be the perfect hacking targets is driving insurance company executives and risk managers up the proverbial wall.
OK, so pleasure may be excess's kissing cousin, but being a versatile state of grace, it also equates to the good things in life being enjoyed little and often - the more often, the better.
But does this make him kissing cousin to experimental poets such as Ingeborg Bachmann, Robert Creeley, and Ron Silliman?
Botanical florals is an important trend, as is its kissing cousin, the gardening theme, which includes everything from ladybugs, bees and butterflies to watering cans and birdhouses, all set against lattice motif, of course.
But when a traditional GIC issuer, Confederation Life, recently failed and another issuer, Crown Life, was downgraded below investment grade, many plan sponsors decided a better alternative might be the traditional GIC's kissing cousin -- the synthetic GIC, which offers greater safety through better diversification and the potential for higher returns.
Journalism is a kissing cousin to the arts, and so I don't feel reluctant to suggest that you get some different voices in the arts debate.