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Synonyms for kissing

affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)

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And so she fell to murmuring and cooing over the girl again, and softly stroking her face and hair, and kissing her and calling her by endearing names; but there was scarcely sign of response now in the glazing eyes.
In another second I was embracing and kissing her rapturously: "Bessie
Frances pulled his hair heartily, and then went and seated herself on her husband's knee, and there they were, like two babies, kissing and talking nonsense by the hour - foolish palaver that we should be ashamed of.
Well, it's a very nice neck -- it's better worth kissing than mine -- and there the kiss is, in spite of you
Sometimes, at night on kissing her father, she would burst into the grief she had repressed all day, and would say that her sole reliance, under Heaven, was on him.
It opened; and a little girl, much younger than the boy, came darting in, and putting her arms about his neck, and often kissing him, addressed him as her `Dear, dear brother.
I am glad to recollect that when the carrier's cart was at the gate, and my mother stood there kissing me, a grateful fondness for her and for the old place I had never turned my back upon before, made me cry.
It is pleasant, moreover, my mother and sister, to see you kissing yonder child.
What if you meant nothing by your kissing and your presents?
But she hugged the soft, stuffed body of the Scarecrow in her arms instead of kissing his painted face, and found she was crying herself at this sorrowful parting from her loving comrades.
She thought that there must be something wrong in this confusion between politics and kissing politicians, and that an elder person ought to be able to help.
Ey, well do I recall the first of them I ever kissed, and I've kissed an army of them since; she was a fine girl, but she tried to slip a dagger into me while I was kissing her.
and let me explain that kissing a lady's hand is only a form of thanking her for her kindness.
said she; and all the ladies stood round her whilst the kissing was going on.
Mrs Deborah no sooner observed this than she fell to squeezing and kissing, with as great raptures as sometimes inspire the sage dame of forty and five towards a youthful and vigorous bridegroom, crying out, in a shrill voice, "O, the dear little creature