kiss of peace

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(Roman Catholic Church) a greeting signifying Christian love for those assisting at the Eucharist

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In another parish, it is the custom at the end of the kiss of peace for the eucharistic ministers to pass among themselves a bottle of hand sanitizer.
The cardinal notes that during the 2005 Synod on the Eucharist the question of moving the kiss of peace arose.
Outgoing bishop Ambrose Griffiths led the congratulations with the kiss of peace after he anointed his successor and presented him with a book of the Gospels, a copy of St Cuthbert's cross and ring, mitre and pastoral staff.
What it means to be the People of God is explained by the Creed we say; and that we are one in Christ is symbolized by the Kiss of Peace.
Don't sit in the same pew as Ponie if you panic at the kiss of peace.
And so I made my first change as general superior and asked them to give me what I most longed for and needed--a kiss of peace.
My strong feeling, based on the intent of the kiss of peace during the liturgy, is that it should be placed immediately after the penitential rite at the beginning of Mass.
LOVE gives herself to all things, most excellent in the depths, and above the stars, cherishing all: for the High King she has given the kiss of peace.
When I go to Mass on Sunday, usually my mind doesn't show up until after the sermon, and my heart doesn't show up until the kiss of peace.
Outside of Sunday Mass, I see little community in Catholic parishes except for a perfunctory kiss of peace exchanged among strangers.
After the sermon there are often altar calls and healings, then the Offertory, eucharistic prayer, and an all-encompassing kiss of peace throughout the church.
We catch each other's eye, give each other warm handshakes or hugs during the kiss of peace, wish each other well as we leave.
Another important aspect of the Eucharist that we've diminished, unfortunately, is the kiss of peace.