kiss of life

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an emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration

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It was really rough and trying to give the kiss of life in those conditions wasn't easy.
Miss Cyrrhian Macrae, director of corporate communications at the university, said she could not confirm the report that the students had sought to give the kiss of life.
Wife Anne climbed downto him and gave the kiss of life in a desperate effort to revive him.
She died from a massive brain haemorrhage as Harvey tried to give her the kiss of life.
GORDON Brown gave his premiership the kiss of life yesterday with his most passionate and powerful speech ever.
Scott, 16, put him on his side in the recovery position to bring up the pool water - then gave him the kiss of life.
PC Carmichael leaped from his horse, Musketeer,cleared the boy's airwaves and gave him the kiss of life.
The scariest thing is that Kelly Rowlands of Destiny's Child imagined it would be a smart career move to give Jason the kiss of life.
WHAT better story for Valentine's Day than that of Dennis Hawkins who was saved by the kiss of life at his local?
A CRICKETER collapsed and died at a match, despite being given the kiss of life by former Coventry City goalkeeper Steve Ogrizovic.
They gave her the kiss of life and rushed her to hospital, where doctors said she had been in a diabetic coma.
Lauren's body language in the kissing shot shows her determination to get some form of romance from the pose, almost to the point where she could be a first aider giving the kiss of life.
SEX-SWAP soldier Jan Hamilton gave football star Davie Cooper the kiss of life as he lay dying from a brain haemorrhage.