kiss of death

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something that is ruinous

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In more lyrical passages, such as bar 5 of the following Adagio affettuoso, he sounds highly expressive with just a hint of tightness and thinness in the tone: there is no sense in his performance of autopilot beauty, the most effective kiss of death to music making.
The Kiss of Death features screaming, dripping vampire lips perfect for Halloween greetings or to vampire yourself or others in anticipation of the release of the movie New Moon of the Twilight series.
Labog said: "Fabella's privatization is a kiss of death to poor mothers and babies, and shows that Aquino is not only a Disaster President but also a Health Disaster.
Penalties are a kiss of death in a hot contest like this, so the extra 5lb Eton Rifles, Colonel Mak and Below Zero must carry mean they can go too.
HAVING read your article about the gritty job of spreading a mountain of salt, I was dismayed at the realisation that all of our fresh water amphibian life in our ponds, wetlands, ditches, etc will soon be given the kiss of death by councils eager to maintain roads fit for driving.
Melbourne, Nov 26 (ANI): Australian actress Nicole Kidman has been accused of being unable to act, a kiss of death for a movie, a woman who turns off other women and accomplished at being awful by a British columnist.
Lyndsey Marshal - who starred as Cleopatra in the lavish BBC series Rome - had to forgo any personal vanity for her role as a forensic scientist in the BBC1 crime drama Kiss of Death, on bank holiday Monday.
He made his film debut in 1947 as a killer in Kiss of Death and became a leading man in Broken Lance, Two Rode Together and 40 other films.
HALL Green Little Theatre is staging a performance of the sinister thriller Kiss of Death this month.
Opik, boyfriend of Cheeky Girl singer Gabriela Irimia, proved the kiss of death in the last contest.
THE GODFATHER PART II: The kiss of death between Al Pacino and John Cavale.
I thought it was the kiss of death the horse being on the front of the Racing Post, but he's lived up to it' - Andrew Balding after Pentecost had collected
Often dismissed as the parasitic kiss of death, mistletoes turn out to form complex relationships with their trees, sometimes fostering new life.
Interesting people are smart enough to know that to get involved in this kind of show is the kiss of death.