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Try kingcups (Caltha palustris), the flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus), with its lovely pink flowers, and Japanese iris.
ONE of the joys of spring is to see the stands of kingcups growing on the margins of lochs and burns.
Millions of readers were attracted to his books because he believed fishing should be just as much about watching swallows and kingfishers and admiring kingcups and bluebells as about catching fish.
Gorgeous irises, kingcups - in full yellow flower now - and reeds and rushes galore including butomus, the flowering rush, which isn't actually a rush at all.
Around the lake, golden kingcups were in full bloom and in the margins the dinner-plate leaves of water lilies floated lazily on the surface.
Anyway, the smelly giant is probably a bit large for a small bog garden so, for spring interest, go for kingcups.