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A few overlapping compost bags lining a hole you have excavated with the soil returned will retain moisture and enable you to grow plants you might not otherwise have been able to accommodate - glorious kingcups, Iris ensata and rodgersia.
A chance to see spring unfolding; neat lanes ideal for spring flowers, hedgerows perfect for birds, the woods of Coed Bryndansi and then the hidden Nant Oros valley, even better for early flowers such as celandines, primroses, kingcups and wild garlic.
Strowe me the ground with Daffadowndillies, And Cowslips, and Kingcups, and loved Lillies: The pretie Pawnce, And the Chevisance, Shall match with the fayre flowre Delice.
There were two white ducks and a coot, swimming busily; the sun was over the water, kingcups were golden, early midges danced.
26) Though she admits that such domestic dedication seems to suit her neighbor, Elizabeth claims the right to determine her own course, predicated on her unique gifts and skills, rather than on the basis of women's universal calling: "I don't think I shall ever try to follow in her steps, my talents not being of the energetic and organising variety, but rather of that order which makes their owner almost lamentably prone to take up a volume of poetry and wander out to where the kingcups grow".
Try kingcups (Caltha palustris), the flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus), with its lovely pink flowers, and Japanese iris.