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the branch of physiology that studies the mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement

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Exploring the effects of kinesiological awareness and mental imagery on movement intention in the performance of demi-plie.
This makes sense both in the functional (kinesiological) aspect and in the statistical aspect, resulting from the factor analysis performed.
Sutherland, "The evolution of clinical gait analysis part 1: Kinesiological EMG," Gait & Posture, vol.
This example contains much behavior which is non-significant (at the present) to kinesiological research.
Electromyography can be used for the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases or trauma, and the kinesiological study of muscles in certain motor activities.
A kinesiological analysis, which covers types of muscle contraction and its effects on the body, it is important at the time of prescription.
Clinical effectiveness of kinesiological taping on pain and pain-free shoulder range of motion in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial.
(110) Thus, even though the athletic facilities could have some inherent educational value for students with specialized, kinesiological majors, such as physical education, in practice these buildings do not have extensive non-commercial applications, demonstrating that contemporary universities are not purely educational entities.
Vogelzang applies the finest methods of teaching supported by solid kinesiological understanding to assist young dancers and adults achieve their greatest potential.
(Version 1.0) The ABC of EMG: A Practical Introduction to Kinesiological Electromyography.
Therefore, the main goal of this research was to establish the model of tests that every PE teacher could opportunities for accomplishments in certain sports; all in all, PE teachers have one of the most important roles in sports' development and promotion and in any other form of kinesiological activity.
The research status of applied kinesiology, part II: An annotated bibliography of applied kinesiological research.
If, for example, one places a test ampoule containing homeopathic agents in the patient's hand, which correspond vibrationally to the georadiation, the organism responds with a kinesiological weakening of the previously strong arm.
It proceeds from the important principle that a sound education in kinesiology calls for a solid grounding in the functional application of kinesiological principles.
Chapters on body regions provide kinesiological information and a review of functional anatomy.