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Often referred to as a "kinescope," the quality was very poor.
Evans Richard II was recorded via kinescope (a 16mm film of broadcast made for legal rather than archival purposes), and Potter viewed a VHS transfer held by her university's library.
Berg won the Emmy for best actress the following year, and the sitcom was nominated for Best Kinescope Show.
Now, half a century later, despite the distortions of the kinescope recordings and the clumsiness of the cameras and microphones, that message still speaks to viewers.
A kinescope of landmarks flickers through the windshield: the former site of the music mecca the Topanga Corral, where Neil Young, among other canyon notables, once played; a flying pink pig high up on a post; and an old Santa Fe boxcar used as a creek crossing.
A blurry kinescope of that world premiere telecast survives, but has been available to the public only in various pirated recordings.
The objective of the LUX Prize is to illuminate the public debate on European integration and to facilitate the diffusion of European films in the European Union by financing the subtitling and the kinescope recording of the winning film in the 23 official EU languages.
(67.) Cinematographer Russ Alsobrook has called the Geilgud-Burton effort the "first serious attempt" to use video as a recording medium for "theatrical motion pictures." Made "through 'the miracle of Electronovision'" (Playbill), the film was basically a kinescope, in which "a film camera [is] aimed at a monitor, re-recording the images fed from the TV camera." ("Back to the Future: Reflections on the Brief History of Video Moviemaking," http://www.cameraguild.
While the kinescope footage of McCarthy adds to the film's recreation of the 1950s, the film's black and white photography aids in evoking the period in other ways.
We watch a kinescope, an always murky kind of early recording.
While the incandescent light bulb and the phonograph may be familiar, other of Edison's inventions, such as the kinescope, are so strange in name and appearance that students might not make the connection between that machine and today's motion picture industry.
And if Our Boy had the power to see across space as well as time, he could follow backward, like a kinescope, the Xhosa woman's walk in reverse back down the long hallway from the softly lit, carpet-padded elevator, her steps backward in the reverse of arrival, out of the lobby to the place where she had arrived at Val's wide, tall front entrance, striding confidently backward past the doorman, who is preoccupied with the gold buttons on the front of his long coat and does not notice her yet again.
* Shanghai -- Five Chinese and overseas banks have granted the Shanghai Asahi Electronic Glass Co a consortium loan of 300 million yuan (US$36 million) to support the development of its large colour kinescope glass screens and abrading production lines.