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the branch of mechanics concerned with motion without reference to force or mass

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The main findings of the study indicate that the greatest alterations when using trolleys or backpacks are produced in the proximal extremities (hip and trunk), while there is little difference in the kinematics of the distal extremities (knee and ankle).
General Kinematics has helped the most profitable and efficient foundries turn their capital investments into profits.
- Austin, Texas-based healthcare diagnostics company Ortho Kinematics, Inc.
Current sensor concepts for solving the direct kinematics problem can be basically classified into two groups [10].
But, these kinematics are impossible to analyze on the subject of time irreversibility (that is on existence the formal possibility of returning to the own past), using the results of the paper [4], because in [4] complete, multidimensional superluminal reference frames are missing.
(6.) Brendan Inkster, "Differences in Kinematics of the Baseball Swing Between Hitters of Varying Skill." Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 43, no.
In this paper, a finite element (FE) model has been developed to understand forming kinematics. In particular, efforts were concentrated to quantify expansion and retraction phenomena in countersinking process by analyzing the evolution of hole diameter, sheet thickness near countersink and diameter of workpiece.
The mathematical analysis and wave kinematics calculations presented in this paper are motivated by a set of ocean wave measurements where the elevation was obtained and there was a need to calculate the kinematics that was not measured.
[sup][5],[6] Abnormal knee kinematics is an important factor that influences postoperative satisfaction rates.
(i) The animation production method based on kinematics
In robotics, inverse kinematics is one of the most traditional research areas.
Different designs of implant aim to enhance the satisfaction of patients by providing close to normal kinematics. The femoral condyle in sagittal plane may be circular shaped as shown in Figure 1(a) or has multi-circles as shown in Figure 1(b), and the J-curve designs are also adopted in femoral component.
Given the repetitive nature of running, it is preferable to have running kinematics which can balance stress on biological tissue (e.g.