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the branch of mechanics concerned with motion without reference to force or mass

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General Kinematics LOCKTITE rotary drum liners are constructed out of abrasion resistant 450 Brinell steel, which is almost double the hardness (Bhn) of austempered ductile steel.
US-based healthcare diagnostics company Ortho Kinematics, Inc has closed a USD 18.
Influence of Pre-impact Pedestrian Posture on Lower Extremity Kinematics in Vehicle Collisions," SAE Int.
This undergraduate engineering textbook introduces the fundamental concepts of mechanism kinematics, synthesis, statics, and dynamics for planar and spatial linkages, cam systems, gear systems, and robotic manipulators using realistic illustration and practical problems.
Here, on the basis of recent findings from our team, we will test the hypothesis that, rather than selecting actions, neuronal activity in the BG plays a crucial role in controlling the kinematics of habitual actions.
sup][5],[6] Abnormal knee kinematics is an important factor that influences postoperative satisfaction rates.
The standardization process has allowed General Kinematics to do extensive reliability testing to maximize the design of the springs, motors, drive brackets, deck frames and other key components in the screens.
The anatomic patella is designed to have more natural sagittal plane kinematics than traditional dome style patella components.
Therefore, this research analyzed the sagittal plane kinematics of experienced cricketers during the first two steps of a 10-m sprint.
Basis for identification of the time moments in which the mandible movement is disturbed are kinematic values, which are obtained as a result of solving the inverse kinematics problem [10].
The purpose of this controlled laboratory study using a cross-sectional design was to analyze lower extremity kinematics during takeoff of a "saut de chat" (leap) in dancers with and without a history of Achilles tendinopathy (AT).
To simulate the movement of the mandible can be achieved using a kinematics analysis of upper joints.
Written for anyone interested in Einstein's original theory of special relativity, this book discusses the scientific discipline of kinematics and notes how its principles challenge both scientific progress and the laws of motion.
In 1998, Honda became the first in the world to develop a pedestrian crash test dummy to reproduce the human body's kinematics during vehicle-to-pedestrian collisions, with the aim of identifying parts of the vehicle body most often resulting in injuries, and developing safety technologies to reduce pedestrian head injuries during the collision with a vehicle.