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Synonyms for kindly

Synonyms for kindly

characterized by kindness and concern for others

Synonyms for kindly

showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

pleasant and agreeable

Related Words

in a kind manner or out of kindness


References in classic literature ?
But certain it is he laid a smart but kindly finger on many a small-minded prejudice.
Though Thackeray is no cynic he is a satirist as much as Pope or Dryden, but the most kindly satirist who ever wrote.
"Dear Fairy, the fairest flowers have cheered me with their sweet breath, fresh dew and fragrant leaves have been ever ready for me, gentle hands to tend, kindly hearts to love; and for this I can only thank you and say farewell."
"Your task has been too hard for you," said the Queen kindly, as she placed the drooping flower in the urn Eglantine had given, "you will see how this dew from a sweet, pure heart will give new life and loveliness even to this poor faded one.
Still the Elves watched near, and brighter grew the heart as kindly thoughts and tender feelings entered in, and made it their home; and when the old man fell asleep, above his grave little feet trod lightly, and loving hands laid fragrant flowers.
I can only ask of you the power to be as pure and gentle as yourselves, as tender and loving to the weak and sorrowing, as untiring in kindly deeds to all.
Another minute and the laughter grew louder--they were laughing at him, at his dumb stupor--laughing kindly and merrily.
"And you, princess," he went on, addressing Princess Bielokonski, "was it not you who received me in Moscow, six months since, as kindly as though I had been your own son, in response to a letter from Lizabetha Prokofievna; and gave me one piece of advice, again as to your own son, which I shall never forget?
"I have seen men of graceful simplicity of intellect; I have seen an old man who is not above speaking kindly and even LISTENING to a boy like myself; I see before me persons who can understand, who can forgive--kind, good Russian hearts--hearts almost as kind and cordial as I met abroad.
I began to speak because you looked so kindly at me; you have such a beautiful face.
"Kindly return to your posts," said the staff officer trying to preserve his gravity.
'Well, then, have some tea,' said the kindly old hostess.
'Oh, what for, dear man?' said the kindly old woman.
The winemaker, which recently launched a new wing of its business dedicated to low and noalcohol products called The Live Kindly Drinks Company, has applied to register the name 'Booch & Bloom' ' with the Intellectual Property Oce.