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Synonyms for kindhearted

characterized by kindness and concern for others

Synonyms for kindhearted

having or proceeding from an innately kind disposition


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Additionally, can-goods were collected and donated to the Community FoodBank of Hillside, NJ, and AMERIGROUP Community Care kindheartedly donated 3,000 sun-visors, half of which were crafted by the children and donated to Camp Happy Times - a one week overnight camp (run by the nonprofit organization, The Valerie Fund) for children aged 5-21 who have or have had cancer.
Ordering her narrative through paraphrasing, prompting, and asides, Hull kindheartedly presents the story of a suffering heroine.
He did not play in the first half of the first game in fairness to others who had been to every practice, but coach Eric Stanford kindheartedly decided to give Griffin some minutes in the second half.