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Synonyms for kindhearted

characterized by kindness and concern for others

Synonyms for kindhearted

having or proceeding from an innately kind disposition


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The story introduces us to Abby and Martha Brewster, two sweet old spinster sisters leading peaceful lives with the exception of kindheartedly poisoning men they believe are too lonely to live and then burying them in the cellar.
Undoubtedly, we have to distinguish between authorial comments and those made by characters who constantly use contemptuous expressions in reference to each other, sometimes kindheartedly or jocularly, more often offensively, pointing to each other's national characteristics.
I learned much later that Lillian was actually their niece, who they had kindheartedly taken in when her own parents kicked her out because she was pregnant - with me.
Ordering her narrative through paraphrasing, prompting, and asides, Hull kindheartedly presents the story of a suffering heroine.
He did not play in the first half of the first game in fairness to others who had been to every practice, but coach Eric Stanford kindheartedly decided to give Griffin some minutes in the second half.