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Synonyms for kindhearted

characterized by kindness and concern for others

Synonyms for kindhearted

having or proceeding from an innately kind disposition


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Decoy Menagerie Part 2 is the second anthology of comic stories by a wide variety of artists and storytellers, featuring the loveable, kindhearted alien Decoy (originally created by comic-book talent Courtney Huddleston), refugee from the violent planet of Nacrum.
95) will attract a wide age range, telling of a strange lab accident where a kindhearted female scientist meets a trio of animal and human clones and an evil creator who wants to destroy her newfound pals.
When the family receives a "lucky gift," a goat from "some kindhearted people from far away," its life starts to change, Not only does the little goat's milk keep her own family healthy, but the leftover milk also becomes a source of income.
Polly was a kindhearted individual who genuinely cared about my progress.
Earlier this week I impulsively phoned Polly, a kindhearted, no-nonsense woman old enough to be my mother.
A kindhearted little guy just as ready to negotiate for peace as blaze away with hip guns or finger lasers, Atom was created by Osamu Tezuka in 1951 and made the leap from print to TV screens in 1963.
They were thoughtful, kindhearted, always smiling - even to the awkwardpatients.
KINDHEARTED Patrick Bryant provided hot drinks for drivers stranded on the M11 by turning his lorry into a makeshift cafe.
Izzard's comedy is so intelligent, gracefully structured, and kindhearted that his trademark gender bending ("executive transvestite") is just a cherry on the cake.
Gillian laughed: "I think you're actually very kindhearted, warm, generous.
A HOMELESS charity has praised kindhearted schoolchildren.
Sandusky will be remembered for her contagious, sweet laugh and a quiet, kindhearted demeanor.
Milch and creative partner Steven Bochco liked the character so much that they brought John Irvin back to Blue as a regular in its sixth season, in 1998, serving as the kindhearted secretary who uses his intuition to protect his squad-room family--and who's often stronger than he thinks he is.
Kindhearted Students at West Redcar School are setting up a community help group.