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a preschool for children age 4 to 6 to prepare them for primary school

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The kindergarteners rallied for three child prisoners in particular, a young girl named Razan Abu Sal, 13, who was sentenced to 13 and a half months and a fine of $870, Shadi Farrah, 12, who has already served two years of his three year sentence, and the infamous Ahed Tamimi, 17, who was detained (at age 16) on charges of incitement and slapping an Israeli soldier.
Some schools have programs in place to introduce incoming kindergarteners to the school and the curriculum.
Education Minister Im Sethy said in a notice to local educational authorities that this year's summer vacation for kindergarteners and primary school pupils started Wednesday, instead of July 31 as in previous years.
My hope is in those kindergarteners. It comes in the forms of comments from their parents when I am told "My son loves coming to the library (It is always library, never any newer name!) and getting to pick out his own books.
The Study: The health history of 430 kindergarteners was reviewed for any who were diagnosed with bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways), asthma and other respiratory problems.
The new emphasis on collegiate "bullying" treats adults like kindergarteners and forgets entirely the seriousness and rightful passions ignited by the issues we face in our democracy every single day.
During the march, a number of kindergarteners delivered poems on this glorious occasion, expressing their pride for the development achievements made in various fields.
Jeff Laszloffy, of the Montana Family Foundation, is among those outraged that educators want to teach sex education to kindergarteners.
But during National Public Health Week, members of DePaul University's Public Health Student Organization teamed up with volunteers from the group Get Healthy Chicago to teach Rowe Elementary kindergarteners how physical activity can be fun and that healthy snack choices are not necessarily boring.
E: Fifth-graders learn about ancient Egypt and experience sarcophagi collaborative learning, while our Kindergarteners have fun with clay, making Egyptian-inspired cartouches!
Bus smashes into house, slightly injuring 3 kindergarteners
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology conducted the survey on about 4 million kindergarteners and schoolchildren aged 5 to 17.
Rosen's point is that the Court's most successful jurists--he spotlights John Marshall, John Harlan, Hugo Black, and William Rehnquist, and tips his hat to several others--have the same temperamental strengths that one looks for in high-performing kindergarteners. They listen well, are pleasant, and do not whine.
Carrying preschoolers and kindergarteners from A to Z, Kristin's A Swim Through The Sea offers a delightful presentation of twenty-four interesting and beautifully drawn aquatic life forms and is a thoroughly fun approach to learning.
A: Kindergarteners take home iPods and work on reading and other skills.