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Synonyms for kind-hearted

Synonyms for kind-hearted

having or proceeding from an innately kind disposition


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loving, and in head, to his Ronnie was a much-loved personality, funloving, gentle, kind-hearted and generally the life and soul.
I read in a newspaper that the role of the father is being neglected in modern literature and he is being portrayed as a cruel and dictatorial human figure, compared to the mother who is always kind-hearted and supportive.
A KIND-HEARTED pensioner has donated dozens of flowers to a primary school garden hit by vandals.
KIND-HEARTED souls in the West Midlands donated more than 94,000 bags to a charity campaign last month - helping British Heart Foundation raise more than PS1.
Summary: Premature twin boys, di and Arnav, born to an Indian father and a Filipina mother, are fighting for their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Dubai Hospital and are in dire need of financial assistance from kind-hearted individuals.
We can see a great difference between the attitude and action of the vast majority of present day people, who tend to be more and more selfish, and the kind-hearted people of the past, who besides looking after their families, extended real help to other unconnected, unfortunate and needy people, without expecting anything in return.
Thamer was kind-hearted, caring and he was known for his helpful nature in supporting students who could not afford money to complete their education," said Dr Bashir Shahada, director of the university, who talked to Gulf News after the burial.
Summary: Muscat: An Indian family in Sur is seeking the help of kind-hearted people to get .
Mr John Ball may not be old enough (as I am) to know that all areas have their 5% of a nasty criminal element, who deeply upset the 95% kind-hearted citizens.
THE family of a young mother who was stabbed to death said yesterday she was a "beautiful, kind-hearted and generous girl".
THE story of kind-hearted Sam Copley is one which all Huddersfield's youngsters should learn.
A KIND-HEARTED busker has already raised nearly pounds 600 for a children's charity at the start of a music marathon.
Karen Kelly is appealing for kind-hearted Teessiders to help.
She's a real plain Jane, but has set her sights on kind-hearted Eddie.
KIND-HEARTED Villarreal have agreed to let unemployed season-ticket holders in for free next season.