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to some (great or small) extent

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This kind of work required on the part of the workmen extreme nicety and minute attention.
If she has a kind of a dull time with Mirandy, on account o' her bein' so sharp, why of course she'd set great store by your comp'ny.
When Rebecca crept upstairs, and undressing in the dark finally found herself in her bed that night, though she was aching and throbbing in every nerve, she felt a kind of peace stealing over her.
I'll be more than thankful if the man can give me the right kind of glasses to suit my eyes.
I've always kind of wished I'd forgiven him when I had the chance."
"Don't mind what I said -- please don't -- you WON'T, now, WILL you?" Laying her silky hand on mine in that kind of a way that I said I would die first.
Well, these kind of mumps is a kind of a harrow, as you may say -- and it ain't no slouch of a harrow, nuther, you come to get it hitched on good."
"Of course; bother them kind of names, a body can't ever seem to remember them, half the time, somehow.
But for this strange kind of secrecy maintained by them relative to their engagement, which in fact concealed nothing at all, she could not account; and it was so wholly contradictory to their general opinions and practice, that a doubt sometimes entered her mind of their being really engaged, and this doubt was enough to prevent her making any inquiry of Marianne.
Smith, when I next came into the country, would be that Barton cottage was taken: and I felt an immediate satisfaction and interest in the event, which nothing but a kind of prescience of what happiness I should experience from it, can account for.
Footless by nature is the blooded, land-dwelling kind of the snakes; this is horny-scaled.
It seems that the Uniform Transfers To Minors Act (1983) was intended to permit the transfer in custodianship of any kind of interest in any kind of property.
ANNE DARWIN struck a tragic figure as she begged her sons for their forgiveness, sobbing: "What kind of mother am I?"
The bling-bling thing, people are kind of searching for more substance now.
What stood out were people who were still loving and caring for their family members who were gay and lesbian, and that kind of stuck with me because what I have discovered is that it's not just an individual thing.