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Synonyms for kinaesthesis

the ability to feel movements of the limbs and body

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"Motor coordination and kinaesthesis in boys with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder," Development Medicine and Child Neurology, 41, pp.159-65.
The DVD shows a theatre performance, 'Auf diesem dunkelnden Stern', by Projekttheater Studio Wien, which, in the words of the editors, shows 'Bachmann's written body, the text, [...] transmuted into a live woman's body displacing the air with its kinaesthesis as she move[s] through the space'.
The autonomy of visual kinaesthesis. Perception, 2, 287-294.
In her concern with movement, kinaesthesis and proprioception as the basis for consciousness, and in her desire to describe the experiential aspects of organismic activity, Sheets-Johnstone calls to mind Margaret Floy Washburn (1908, 1916), an author unfortunately unrepresented in this book.
One will discover some overlap between articles; a more expansive index would have been welcome (what happened to "kinaesthesis"?); inevitably, a book of this sort will prove in time a strange mixture of the enduring and the ephemeral.
As experience kinaesthesis (concept mediation ungranted) is trivial, with no sensible place.