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Kinaesthesia is defined here as the sense of movement as a source of personal knowledge and a resource for innovation in the arts and wider culture.
The tests aimed the assessing of the level of ambidextry, spatial orientation, temporal kinaesthesia, laterality.
(6) However, MacDonald et al found that in patients with reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) proprioception did not improve when measured by a kinaesthesia test.
The contribution of muscle afferents to kinaesthesia shown by vibration induced illusions of movement and by the effects of paralysing joint afferents.
An Albert Meharabian study (1972) showed as the 7% of the message content is given by the meaning of the words, the 38% by the tones of the voice and the 55% by facial expressions and body movements or kinaesthesia. Communication is the foundation of sociability and socialization, as implies cooperation, exchange of roles (transmitter/ receiver), a code-sharing and the sharing of a context and a channel.
Kinaesthesia, the sense that allows us to feel the movements of our own bodies, is a notable component of our experience of buildings.
[6] manual dexterity, motor coordination, global performance, and kinaesthesia impaired (P < 0.01 to P < 0.0001).
Sensation usually refers to vision, auditory, olfactory, taste, skin, kinaesthesia and balance.