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In June, Kin Group said it invested GBP 400,000 by way of the convertible loan note in bidstack and entered discussions that it said might lead to the acquisition of the entire issued, and to be issued, share capital of bidstack by way of a reverse takeover.
In Vietnamese belief and custom, as among the Chinese (see Wolf 1974), ancestors of one kin group can be dangerous to members of other kin groups, who view them simply as "ghosts".
Specifically, she discusses how these widows are rejected from their kin group and how they deal with their new status, as well as their rituals, religion, caste, and residence choices.
How could this kin group not appear, particularly since Antonio and his family were leading members of Michelangelo Florio's congregation and were active in the disputes the elder Florio encountered?
Here, the individuals in the various oyster collections were allocated into putative kin groups, where a kin group contains individuals that appear related based on the DNA marker data but without imposing a particular type of relationship among the individuals.
Rather, it is the self-legitimation of the kin group and its intent and endeavor to optimize its collective self-interest.
Leach approached the ideal system on which individual and kin group strategies were based through interpretation of exhaustive statistical information on particular local arrangements.
Uzalo is the name for kin group; during mourning, the uzalo includes ancestral spirits and living relations.
More subtly, the authority differentials of kinship systems can offer opportunities for the mobilization of familial resources by kin group leaders (Greenhalgh, 1989).
Laslett showed that the English family system in the past had not created a context within which the elderly were revered, but one in which they had frequently relied on support from a wider community that extended out beyond the kin group and not infrequently entailed poor relief.
Aboriginal "kin" responsibilities are incorporated into the preschool structure so that each kin group is represented within the staff.
The bilateral family, somewhat like the obsolescent wachselnde Sippe "shifting kin group,"(11) has traditionally been considered antithetical to long-lasting "kinship solidarity."(12) where enduring clans develop to produce fixed rules of exogamy, ancestor veneration, and, ultimately--given natural, usually zoological eponyms--the quasi-religious culture complex called totemism.
Susan Eckstein explains that in Zambia, "the corporate kin group of the village is transformed into a social network of urban kin, a network maintained and developed selectively" Larissa Lomnitz, in her classic study of a shantytown in Mexico City, offers compelling evidence that the strategy described by Eckstein is cross cultural in scope.
Their socialization takes place within a domestic structure whether it be a nuclear family, a single-parent family, or a kin group. It is within this framework that youth learn their life skills, part of which is how to cope with sexuality and its reproductive consequences.