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a rare type of peridotite that sometimes contains diamonds

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During drilling, kimberlitic breccia was encountered and the company sent 53.6 kilograms of rock to SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services in Saskatoon for analysis.
The lamproite could be a member of a kimberlitic intrusive suite from which the resistate minerals and the diamonds may be derived.
Perhaps the last nail in MIBA's coffin was hammered in on 23 February when the DRC Minister of Mines, Frederic Kibassa Maliba ordered it to hand over the Tshibwe kimberlitic concessions to a company called Sengamines.
The kimberlitic zone is comprised of kimberlite and breccias with variable granite content.
Meyer (1937-1995) for his contributions to the petrology and mineralogy of mantle-derived xenoliths and kimberlitic rocks and for his services to the mineralogical community.
The company also holds a concession in Bie Province, where it is searching for alluvials and kimberlitic pipes, and Southern Era is acquiring a 51% interest in the Camafuca/Camazambo kimberlitic pipe.
Previous exploration campaigns by the Company have returned esker and till samples results of up to 250 and 100 kimberlitic indicator mineral grains per sample respectively.
The holes all bottomed out in weathered kimberlite which, at a depth of more than 100 m, indicated that the cost of mining and processing of the kimberlitic ore could be significantly lower than originally forecast.
The smallest HMS unit yet built by VEL, of 5 t/h, was supplied to MIBA in Zaire for the geological testing of kimberlitic ore.