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a rare type of peridotite that sometimes contains diamonds

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Kimberlite is a host rock for diamonds which are brought nearer to the surface by volcanic pipes.
Kimberlite diamonds persist because they rise to the surface quickly.
To date a total of 6,819 kimberlite indicator minerals have been recovered from 25 surface samples collected from Shear's Project area.
Finding a diamondiferous kimberlite is even more rare and requires patience, time and money.
The Fort a la Corne area of Saskatchewan hosts one of the most extensive kimberlite fields in the world.
Eight kimberlite pipes have been discovered since 1995, six of which have proven to be diamondiferous.
Numerous kimberlite indicator minerals, as well as diamonds from five sample locations, have been recovered on the periphery of the Sua Pan which suggests the possibility of local kimberlite sources.
To date, Manson says 22 kimberlite discoveries have been made in the area (by other companies as well), 12 of which contain diamonds.
Most of the anomalies are located away from the known kimberlites, demonstrating that there is good potential for the discovery of several new kimberlite clusters on the property.
Fifteen (15) drill holes have been completed at the Brauna 3 pipe, totaling 1,768 metres of core, 1,083 metres of which are kimberlite.
April was a good drilling month for diamond hunters KWG Resources and Spider Resources with the discovery of three kimberlites on their McFadyen property in the James Bay lowlands.
Fifteen core holes have been completed at the Brauna 3 pipe, totaling 1,768 metres of core, of which 1,083 metres are kimberlite.
s discovery of two kimberlite occurrences around Attawapiskat has sparked renewed interest in diamonds in the James Bay region.
The eastern portion of the Fry Inlet Diamond property contains the LI-201 kimberlite, which was determined to be significantly diamondiferous during early stage exploration drilling performed in 1997 by Kennecott Canada Exploration Inc.