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a rare type of peridotite that sometimes contains diamonds

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"It has long been held that there should be high grade kimberlite pipes other than the Marsfontein mine in the Thorny River area.
The Company's detailed ground magnetic survey program has delineated a number of very compelling targets that are consistent with magnetic signatures over known kimberlites which have intruded through Cambrian-Devonian age Arctic Platform carbonate rocks at parallel latitudes elsewhere in Canada's north.
A broad range of kimberlite like signatures were defined during the surveys which further bolsters the possibility of Stein delivering a new kimberlite field.
The project involves injecting carbon dioxide into processed kimberlite rock in order to accelerate the naturally occurring process of mineral carbonation, whereby processed mine rock (material left after the recovery of diamond from source rock, kimberlite) sequesters the carbon dioxide as a stable and benign carbonate mineral.
The extra yardage here will be in Kimberlite Candy's favour, and a 2lb rise in the weights shouldn't stop him from running a big one.
Target: Joint ventures over the BaoulA(c) kimberlite project in Guinea, Liberia licenses
Kimberlite, a volcanic rock from deep below the Earth's surface, has now been discovered on all continents.
Australian scientists have uncovered kimberlite rock that is known to have the precious diamonds.
Writing in the journal Nature Communications, an Australian-led team reported East Antarctic deposits of kimberlite, a rare type of rock named after the South African town of Kimberley famed for a late 19th century diamond rush.
2.50 Naas Panoramic Restaurant at Naas Handicap Chase 2m ATR Card page 75 jjKey stat Kimberlite King struggled over 2m4f at Limerick last time but has a good record over 2m and is 3-8 at this trip jjWhat they say Jessica Harrington, trainer of Top Of The Rock "He's been disappointing and it doesn't help that he has top weight, but we're claiming off him to offset that and he's got to come back to himself some time." Paul Cashman, trainer of Idarah "We hadn't been able to do much with him before Leopardstown at the end of December because of the weather and he blew up at the second-last, so he's bound to come on for that.
It seems unlikely that a diamond crystal or fragment could actually be destroyed during the emplacement of a kimberlite pipe, so the odds are that the other parts of the original Cullinan diamond still exist somewhere.
The molten, volcanic rock in which diamond crystals were formed is Kimberlite, a bluegreen stone easily be mistaken for a pebble.