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Synonyms for kilter

Synonyms for kilter

a state of sound readiness

Synonyms for kilter

in working order


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Eating late at night when blood sugar levels are dropping, insulin levels are low and sleep hormones are rising, throws our metabolism completely out of kilter.
Shot at Canada's National Ballet School and starring real dancers--National Ballet of Canada principal Harrison James and former Royal Winnipeg Ballet soloist Sarah Murphy-Dyson--"Off Kilter" uses a casual interview format interspersed with rehearsal footage.
A statement of the ministry issued today quoted the Minister as saying, during a meeting with Chief of the Australian Immigration Department, Damit Kilter, "Iraq needs to exchange expertise and to benefit from the expertise of Australian universities education.
Away from the eyes of society, some people are a bit off kilter. "Family Bones" tells the story of a city boy heading into the country and finding that while there are a lot of good folk, there seem to be just as many secrets that are kept from the prying eye.
TODAY Ally's Tartan Army were left in tears but now the 22-second Gemmill moment is being replayed as part of Off Kilter, a celebration of dance and music running at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.
"The Eleventh Hour Can't Last Forever"I s a memoir of Alison Johnson remembering her time growing up under a somewhat off kilter Father who always believed Armageddon was around the corner and the fear of disaster lead him to leave a lasting negative impact on his family.
The Gaia hypothesis, named for the ancient Greek goddess of Earth, even put forth the idea that our planet behaves as a kind of giant organism, with its complex systems finely tuned to compensate when one system gets out of kilter.
"Fare rises that hark back to a time of high inflation and spiralling energy costs look very out of kilter."
Someone graduated from the Exene Cervenka Slightly Off Kilter Institute for Vocals, but I had no idea there was a branch campus in Sweden.
But Taiwan wasn't the only one thrown off kilter by the quake.
It's difficult to walk away from these without feeling a bit imbalanced and off kilter, though it's also the pure fun of it as well.
In our modern era, rapaciously expanding industry and a growing population continue to threaten the world's delicate ecological balance, proof of a relationship out of kilter with nature and the elements.
But if we carelessly implement the findings, we'll kick the balance out of kilter in our social and environmental relationships.
Take a look at the entrance door to your shelter and see if it is hanging off kilter. Some of the doors weren't hung right by the manufacturer.
About that firm he says, "They do mostly historic vehicle restoration--but 'restoration' it an understatement: They can build a car-or bike--from scratch." You might think that the Tomahawk would cause severely burned kilter thighs.