kilowatt hour

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a unit of energy equal to the work done by a power of 1000 watts operating for one hour

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If approved by the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy, the new rates would lower the bill of a typical customer using 500 kilowatt hours of electricity per month by 8.
50 flat charge and three cent a kilowatt hour increase for this year, the high rates on commercial properties should be a wake-up call to make the power change within the next four years, before new and higher surcharges are applied for and instituted.
The freeze is a result of Edison being in an earlier phase of deregulation than San Diego Gas & Electric, whose customers have been blindsided with rates as high as 50 cents per kilowatt hour.
FuelCell Energy services over 45 power plant sites around the globe that have generated more than 108 million kilowatt hours, and conducts R&D on next-generation fuel cell technologies to meet the world's ever-increasing demand for ultra-clean distributed energy.
The minister further added that in 2017, Tajikistan produced over 18 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.
By way of example, households consuming up to 100 kilowatt hours over a two-month period would end up paying an estimated 22 per cent more than they do today.
1 billion kilowatt hours more electricity than it produced in October, according to Wednesday data from the Turkish Electricity Production Company (TEyAE[currency]).
5 billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy credits (RECs) in 2011.
EPA's ENERGY STAR program, American's saved 170 kilowatt hours of electricity in 2006.
9 billion kilowatt hours of electricity were generated by Azerenergy's power plants in December 2017.
The Green Power Partnership currently has hundreds of Partners voluntarily purchasing billions of kilowatt hours of green power annually.
As a software company, we are aware of the fact that the energy required to run the computers belonging to 660 million users worldwide, runs into millions of kilowatt hours each day.
By purchasing 8,750,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy credits (REC) annually, Kettle Foods will prevent more than 12 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution (CO2), the major contributing cause of global warming.
The system is designed to generate an estimated 1800 kilowatt hours per month and up to a total of 20,000 kilowatt hours per year.