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a unit of power equal to 1000 watts


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Under the EAC's current pricing policy, households consuming up to 120 kilowatt hours are charged 13.
JFK International Airport's 318-kilowatt solar installation is estimated to generate 396,000 kilowatt hours of power in its first year.
16 per kilowatt hour saved feature an additional $800 per kilowatt saved.
In December 2008, with the turbine operating at about 75 percent of availability, the bill was about $14,000 (it produced 98,000 kilowatt hours).
The utility said that the monthly bill of a residential customer using 500 kilowatt hours of power a month would increase by $3.
The company also said it has developed a prototype 1 kilowatt system, based on steam reforming, that can generate 1 kilowatt equivalent of hydrogen gas.
The table on the following page summarizes the results of this testing, showing biogas utilized, microturbine kilowatt setting, and kilowatt-hours generated.
In order to get into wind energy we need it to be at six-and-a-half to seven cents a kilowatt.
Items to be procured include: 187 kilowatt (250 horsepower) agricultural tractors (12) in either or both of two options: Option A - 4-WD, equal wheel, articulated tractors; Option B - 4-WD, unequal wheel, rigid chassis tractors; 112 kilowatt (150 horsepower) 4-WD agricultural tractors (5); 75 kilowatt (100 horsepower) 4-WD agricultural tractors (9); 56 kilowatt (75 horsepower) 4-WD agricultural tractors (26); 34 kilowatt (45 horsepower) 2-WD cane transport tractors (4).
A kilowatt is roughly three-fourths of a horsepower.
83 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity generated by a nuclear reactor, according to the Nuclear Energy Institute, compared with 2.
Today, they cost thousands o[ dollars per kilowatt to build.