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'At the wholesale trade, the average price of well-milled rice dropped to P39.28 per kilogram or by 0.1 percent during the period, compared with its previous week's level of P39.30 per kilogram.
Police recovered 35 kilogram charas, 18 kilogram opium and illegal arms from hidden boxes of the car.
The suspected smuggler was identified as Saqib, resident of Noshera, from possession of whom a total of 2.9 kilograms of ice heroin was recovered by the ANF, he said.
26 and recovered four kilogram hashish and 6.300 kilogram opium from it.
The cost of beef at the source in India has increased by Nu 20 per kilogram and it's now imported at Nu 200 per kilogram.
'The hybrid durians are D14 (RM12 per kilogram), D15 (RM18 per kilogram), Kacang Hijau (RM18 per kilogram) and Kimpo (RM35 per kilogram) while the bigger durian kampungs are sold at between RM3 to RM10 per kilogram.
He adds that only 29 kilograms of the confiscated drugs was burned including the 200 kilograms that was turned over to him by his predecessor Darrous Paye.
Similarly, watermelon is being sold at Rs30 per kilogram compared to its last week price of Rs20 per kilogram.
During the year, 32577.1 kilogram opium, 7132.2 kilogram Morphine, 19754.6 kilogram heroin, 102113.193 kilogram Charas, 378.089 kilogram cocaine, 1891.517 kilogram Amphetamine, 39.937 kilogram methamphetamine, 23.368 kilogram intoxicated pills, 14.741 kilogram Xanan pills, 9.413 kilogram Diazepam tablets and 73.5 kilogram Prazolam tablets were recovered by ANF.
35 per kilogram, ginger Rs.100 per kilogram, garlic (China)
Also in the 53-kilogram class, Chinshanlo improved the world record in the clean and jerk by one kilogram with a 132-kilogram lift.
Eng Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said that thy will give two grams of gold for each kilogram lost for those who lose five kilograms and above, and three grams of gold for each kilogram for those who lose 10 kilograms and above.
The price of lemons was increase by 1.5% to reach BGN 1.35 per kilogram, while oranges went down by 5.8% to BGN 0.81 per kilogram.
The price of a 12.5 kilogram canister of butane gas fell by LL600.