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In the 77 kilogram class, a weightlifter from Syria with a combined total of 278 kilograms and a Nepalese athlete with 264 kilograms took the second and third places, respectively.
The price of pulse gram (thick) was Rs 127, which, however, would be available at Rs 125 per kilogram at Ramazan Bazaar.
They mark the second and third records set at the continental games after North Korea's Om Yun Chol on Saturday beat his own world record in the clean and jerk by one kilogram, lifting 170 kilograms in the men's 56-kilogram class.
However, he pointed out that the minimum weight to lose in order to be eligible for gold was at two kilograms.
WORCESTER - A Worcester man was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in federal prison in connection with three kilograms of cocaine delivered in a pizza box Oct.
Cosper noted that the contractor crushing the obsolete concrete, some of which was painted, did a good job controlling dust and also said that at 110 milligrams per kilogram, there is enough lead in the fines stream to "merit careful handling.
Moradi lifted 176, 181 and 185 kilograms in snatch and lifted 220 kilograms in clean and jerk class, winning the record from a Greek weightlifter in the 94 category.
RMR in Region 2 (Cagayan Valley) is being sold at P38 to P41 per kilogram and WMR at P40-P44 per kilogram.
The reward for cocaine per kilogram is TL 60,000 if the drugs are caught with the seller/user, and TL 12,000 per kilogram for the drugs alone.
Washington, Jan 7 ( ANI ): Experts at Newcastle University have shown that the age old weight unit of kilogram has put on weight.
Among global standards for length, mass, time, and other fundamental quantities, only the kilogram remains a physical object--a carefully machined cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures at Sevres, France.
Peach is being available at Rs150- 200 per kilogram, while apricot is available at Rs200 per kilogram.
In the women's 57-kilogram category, weightlifter Euzlem Becerikli won the bronze after lifting 118 kilograms on the fourth day of competition.
About 795 liters of acid, one kilogram of raw hashish and more than 66 litres of alcoholic beverages were also captured during the period, the statement said, adding 211 people, including two women, had been arrested.
Nicknamed "Le Grand K," this bar constitutes the one and only true kilogram.