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The tests show that an 8-CPU configuration of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server(TM) can deliver a sustained output power rating of 147 KiloCycles, which equates to 147,000 round-trip queries per hour.
Survival times are defined in this experiment as the number of kilocycles, Kc, flexed to achieve a given survival population.
The benchmark test results in MicroStrategy's High Performance and Scalability Lab further show that MicroStrategy is capable of sustaining such response times even as query volumes are increased to 775 KiloCycles, which equates to 775,000 round-trip queries per hour.
There was no observation of any pin hole development up to 200 kilocycles for all the compounds at 300 cpm.
In MicroStrategy's High Performance and Scalability tests, a 4-node clustered configuration of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server containing a total of 32 CPU cores delivered a power rating of 560 KiloCycles, which equates to 560,000 round-trip queries per hour.
Six specimens of each compound were tested and the average of these values was reported in kilocycles (KC).