killing zone

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an area where a battle has occurred with many fatalities


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ARM also plans to launch seminars to teach reporters how to detect threats, escape the killing zone and evade attackers.
Elements within the killing zone must move forward out of the area of fire; those behind it must stop short of it.
While engaged in such activities as foot chases and vehicle pursuits, officers often exhibit a tendency to rush into what can be described as "the killing zone," that is, within a 10-foot radius of the offender.
Defence Secretary Liam Fox told the Commons yesterday UK soldiers would begin withdrawing from the Sangin killing zone in October to join other British troops in central Helmand.
In some cases, it is true, officers had little, if any, choice as to their movement into the killing zone.
Although not in the same league as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Killing Zone, which is out on video and DVD this week, is equally stylish and brutal.
The Killing Zone portrays a collection of bullies, thugs and psychopaths.
The bombs, used during the war in Iraq, contain hundreds of metal fragments creating a deadly killing zone on detonation.
The Springfield campus site has been a killing zone for years, a place where no Catholic or Protestant was safe from snipers.
As a parish priest Dr Edward Daly helped carry dying victims out of the killing zone as he waved a bloodstained handkerchief as a flag of truce.
The IRA called in a phoney bomb warning to Samaritans to lure troops into the killing zone behind an army barracks in Belfast.
We cannot let our schools, or any large gathering of people, be turned into these killing zones.