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Synonyms for killer

Synonyms for killer

Synonyms for killer

the causal agent resulting in death

a difficulty that is hard to deal with

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predatory black-and-white toothed whale with large dorsal fin

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But a key fact is that only one per cent of murder victims in the Unites States can be attributed to a serial killer.
In reporting this testimony, the French newspaper was only being observant when it concluded that the mastermind of serial killings necessarily is a serial killer,' she added.
Now we know what directs the body's killer T cells to an area of infection, increasing the expression of this homing molecule will, in theory, increase the number of killer T cells at the site of infection and boost the killing of the virus.
In America," said Trevor, "families can openly confront the killers in court and I think this is a great idea.
These writers and artists lauded the killer for his exceptional status and his ability to create art through death.
Former prison governor David Wilson will put the evil monsters under the spotlight in the Channel 5 show, Killers Behind Bars.
These killer cells are typically repressed in patients who have HIV or cancer, said Jose A.
Lt Cmdr Paddy Harkin of the LE Niamh, the killer whales were feeding among shoals of mackerel that also attracted a lots of fishing boats.
Expert Gemma Veneruso, from the Foundation, said they were trying to establish if it was a killer whale (Orca) or a large bottlenose dolphin, and have asked the public to come forward if they had similar sightings.
With reference to the letter 'Housemaids' killers must face death sentence' (GDN, September 29), I agree that the Bahraini killers should get the death sentence as was given to an expatriate killer?
Here's what happened: During the night the villagers would be woken by the sound of Killer Whales thrashing in the shallows on the harbour.
From this bang-bang set piece and a subsequent impeccably staged murder (Fincher did make "Se7en," after all), we get the impre he Zodiac Killer, the serial murderer who terrorized the Bay Area in the late 1960s and early '70s.
A serial killer is on a spree, slaughtering innocent victims without a shred of guilt or regard for life.
A Killer Life * Christine Vachon, Austin Bunn, and John Pierson * Simon and Schuster * $26
In the fall of 1907, a criminal court jury found the killer "not guilty" and released him, concluding that Joseph Nesczuk had been provoked into smashing Wijas's skull.