kill oneself

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strain oneself more than is healthy

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There is no "right" to die, just as there is no "right" to kill oneself a "right" to kill babies, or a 'right" to re-invent marriage.
Oh yes it is, as pavements are never repaired, although payment for which has been made through local taxes, one could kill oneself six times over just going to the post box
The right to kill oneself is the supreme symbol of personal autonomy.
But however hard it is, it's still no reason or justification to kill oneself.
Threatening to kill oneself precedes four out of five suicidal deaths.
To reflect on death, even to desire it, was a way of renouncing the temptation to kill oneself, because it was also a way to enjoy the essence of what it means to be human, which lies in thought about that very essence.