kidney stone

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a calculus formed in the kidney

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The most common type of kidney stone consists of calcium and oxalate, a chemical found in the everyday diet.
Mumtaz said he had contacted homeopathic doctors many times to invite them in the international conferences held by their department to know about the so-called medicine for removing kidney stones.
He said latest endoscopy method for removing large kidney stones has been used by doctors.
Whether you've already had the painful experience of kidney stones, or want to reduce your chances of getting them, the doctor-recommended approach is the same: Drink a lot of fluid.
Luckily, the first person we talked to in an official capacity had just passed a kidney stone," Wartinger says.
If a person can catch a kidney stone as it passes, the doctor can send the stone to a laboratory for analysis.
And, if you need another reason to hit that eight-glasses-a-day water intake minimum that experts advise - consider this: dehydration could be putting you at risk of kidney stones.
Growth in incidence of urolithiasis, higher recurrence rate of kidney stone, growing awareness about the disease and available therapies along with technological development in minimally invasive procedures are the major factors that facilitate to the growth of kidney stone management devices.
High protein diets also can be a cause of kidney stones.
1-5 In recent years the responsibility for this increase in the incidence and prevalence of kidney stone disease has been blamed on dietary habits changes in lifestyle and insulin resistance.
The most common cause of kidney stones is drinking too little fluid over a long time.
It is only needed when the kidney stone is very large, blocking the flow of urine out of the kidney or causing other problems like severe bleeding.
A kidney stone is a hard, crystalline mineral material formed within the kidney or urinary tract.
Taking action to avoid the pain and discomfort a kidney stone may cause is wise, but another important consideration is how kidney stones might be associated with the health of other organs throughout your body.
One in 10 Americans will have a kidney stone during his or her lifetime.