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Ectopic kidney can be in the pelvic, iliac or abdominal region, or can be contralateral, or cross-located.
Duplex system is also prone to development of renal pelvis carcinomas as compared to normal kidney as was in our literature only four cases of renal cell carcinoma have reported so far which were associated with duplex kidney but these were either multicystic transitional cell carcinomas of renal pelvis or one case of cystic renal cell sarcomatoid carcinoma.
The novel artificial kidney under development uses microchip filters and living kidney cells powered by a patient's own heart.
For example, Diabetics are easily prone to cardiac diseases, eyesight problems and an irreversible loss in the form of chronic kidney disease.
Most labs will automatically calculate eGFR with the metabolic panel, but if it is not listed one can the National Kidney Foundation page for kidney professionals to calculate a patient's eGFR at
Four clinics in Metro Manila received the ACHSI accreditation: Fresenius Kidney Care Alabang, Fresenius Kidney Care Shaw, Fresenius Kidney Care Fairview and Fresenius Kidney Care North Edsa.
Summary: Acquired cystic kidney disease occurs both, in adults and children.
LAHORE -- High blood pressure and diabetes causing increase in kidney diseases while medication through quacks is also a major contributing factor of kidney ailments.
ISLAMABAD -- Ahmed Hassan Moughal, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) has called upon the government to equip public hospitals with advanced screening technologies to diagnose and prevent kidney disease as it was emerging as a silent killer, especially for poor and low income people.
Mohammed Saeed Quraishy said that the rate of kidney diseases is increasing rapidly.
LAHORE -- The nephrology department of the Shaikh Zayed Hospital organised a medical camp and walk on the premises of the institute to mark the world kidney day on Thursday.
News Report The 'World Kidney Day-2019' will be observed in the country as elsewhere across the globe today (Thursday) aiming to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys.
Dr Khaled Abouzeid, head of kidney transplantation at Saudi German Hospital Jeddah.
UTRECHT, The Netherlands, March 4, 2019 -- Scientists from Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht, and Hubrecht Institute have successfully created kidney organoids from urine cells.