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(law) the unlawful act of capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment

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From 16 kidnapping cases involving 17 victims in 2018,the number increased to 24 cases and 27 victims this year.
'Thus, incidents of kidnapping related to gambling debt, arises from 2017 to date,' the AKG added.
A statement by the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Media and Publicity, Bala Dan Abu, said, 'The law is intended to help contain kidnapping which is today a major concern in Taraba.
Separately: Rafique Ahmed Chachar by caste informed the Lakhi Ghulam Shah police that his brother named Nadeem Ahmed Chachar accustomed to selling Milk while he had gone to Sukkur to sell the Milk, but unfortunately he did not return after passage of one night so he expressed concerns regarding kidnapping of his brother, on it, area police started searching his brother which resulting Chak Police found his motorcycle in an abandoned condition at link road heading to village Samano after that police followed the footprints of Nadeem and lost his footprints near Katcha area of Chak.
They wanted to have a child and therefore they committing the kidnapping with the help of their associates Rahul and his wife Pinky (Maya), " added police.
Haddad was the most recent victim in a series of kidnappings and killings of Lebanese citizens in Nigeria.
Years later when Mr Maruf interviewed Toora-Toorow in 2015, the terrorist told the Voice of America journalist that the nuns were ransomed for between $1.5million (Sh151.5 million and $2 million.HOTEL BOMBINGThe militant died in a hotel bombing in Mogadishu in February 2015.The account offers an insight into al-Shabaab's kidnapping machinery that has in the last decade targeted civilians and soldiers.
Responding a question about the CTD stance that the murdered suspects were allegedly involved in the kidnapping of Ali Haider Gilani, he said he doesn't know whether they were involved in his kidnapping.
Who later confessed before police for his alleged involved in kidnapping but Shikarpur police have failed to take any serious steps to cope with such gangs.
Last year in Pakistan, about 35,000 cases of child kidnapping were reported, and this is expected to rise this year.
In August, police arrested three suspects wanted in a case of kidnapping a minor.
The National Strategic Studies Institute conducted a poll among young people on bride kidnapping as part of the M-Report Project run in cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund in order to obtain opinion of the youth on marriage age, coercion into marriage.
Cases of digital kidnapping have been reported in the past as well.
Shikarpur -- Kidnapping for ransom is an old practice of dacoits to get financial benefits from the heirs of kidnapped persons because it's easy way to collect huge money within short time and such practice once again has been reemerged in Shikarpur.
Kidnapping is a localization problem that occurs when an unexpected movement happens to the target due to interaction with its surroundings.