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Synonyms for kidnapper

someone who unlawfully seizes and detains a victim (usually for ransom)

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The kidnappers gave the deadline of October 22, 2015 to father of the abducted student to pay ransom otherwise he will be handed over to another party of abductors.
A resident of Jalalabad, the provincial capital, Syed Akhtar, whose 9-grader son was killed in captivity some time ago, told Pajhwok Afghan News the kidnappers had demanded him $300,000, an amount far beyond his affordability.
But her kidnappers are in for more than their fair share of surprise as the sometimes vampy, sometimes sweet publishing tycoon played beautifully by Kriti Vij) manipulates her inept kidnappers.
Ayyoubi reportedly told the kidnapper that he would pay the ransom at Dora roundabout in Beirut.
Also, an alert message was sent to Railway Police at national level anticipating that the kidnapper might have gone to his native place in Kanpur boarding some train.
To counteract the kidnappers, staff at PGN formed the Rudie Freedom Fighters and entered into negotiations.
Their kidnappers, a previously unknown insurgent group calling themselves the Swords of Righteousness Brigade, demanded the release of a]] Iraqi prisoners being held by coalition forces.
The kidnappers of an Italian aid worker in Afghanistan issued Wednesday a set of demands for releasing the woman, Afghan Islamic Press reported.
At one point in the video, a kidnapper first tells Annetta, whose fellow captives are Kosovan and Filipina, not to cry, then appears to ask her to cry for the camera.
Family secrets come to light as Fin hunts for Ella and her kidnapper, and everything changes for them when they learn about the act of betrayal and infidelity that has prompted the kidnapper to act.
The police safely recovered the kidnappee and arrested the kidnapper Sehr Gl s/o Siyal and recovered two hand grenades, one Kalashnikov and pistol from him.
The kidnapper offered the release of the soldiers on the condition that the kidnappers will not be pursued by security forces.
But since the girl was known to the kidnapper, it was necessary to question them.
Tension will rise in this situation," on kidnapper told Reuters from the Chad border.
If he can identify the kidnapper, surely the police can bust the racket.