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Synonyms for kid


kid yourself


  • fool yourself
  • delude yourself
  • deceive yourself
  • mislead yourself
  • con yourself
  • bamboozle yourself
  • dupe yourself
  • hoax yourself
  • trick yourself

Synonyms for kid

a young person between birth and puberty

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for kid

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Only to what might be termed a "documented speculation," along the lines of Major Salter's hypothesis already noted in the accident report: that in the course of finishing up his prescribed course of training maneuvers that afternoon, possibly because he felt like pushing the flight plan a little, kidlike, or maybe just in the course of trying to follow the plan to the best of his limited capabilities, he let his plane get ahead of him and into trouble.
But all others are mere planets revolving around Bridges' sun, and everything this seasoned pro does implicitly rings entirely, beautifully true--the self-awareness of his own sorry state, the disgust with his slovenliness, the inner core of pride hidden behind the fat and dirt and sloth, the drive that still pushes him to journey hundreds of miles a day to play a gig or see Jean, and the kidlike enthusiasm sparked by the prospect of a new relationship and fresh start.
Laird, an affable man with an infectious love of life, kidlike spirit and balding red hair and freckles, has shown a rare determination to recover, say those who have witnessed it.
"It's very kidlike, but very today," she said of the new look, which is built around bright colors and zippy lettering.
Even the corporate power grabs have a kidlike quality to them.