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a glove made of fine soft leather (as kidskin)


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Dan and the ship's surgeon and I had been up to the great square, listening to the music of the fine military bands and contemplating English and Spanish female loveliness and fashion, and at nine o'clock were on our way to the theater, when we met the General, the Judge, the Commodore, the Colonel, and the Commissioner of the United States of America to Europe, Asia, and Africa, who had been to the Club House to register their several titles and impoverish the bill of fare; and they told us to go over to the little variety store near the Hall of Justice and buy some kid gloves.
I can always tell when a gentleman understands putting on kid gloves.
I paid the bill, and as I passed out with a fascinating bow I thought I detected a light in the woman's eye that was gently ironical; and when I looked back from the street, and she was laughing all to herself about something or other, I said to myself with withering sarcasm, "Oh, certainly; you know how to put on kid gloves, don't you?
Some gentlemen don't know how to put on kid gloves at all, but some do.
But it is always easy to tell when a gentleman is used to putting on kid gloves.
As she said this she looked down at her hands, and was surprised to see that she had put on one of the Rabbit's little white kid gloves while she was talking.
That discreet damsel was attired as usual, except that she was now engaged in substituting for her green kid gloves, a pair of white.
As for shawls, kid gloves, silk stockings, gold French watches, bracelets and perfumery, he sent them in with the profusion of blind love and unbounded credit.
After a short time the cardinal arranged his shoulder belt, then looked with great complacency at his hands, which were most elegant and of which he took the greatest care; and throwing on one side the large kid gloves tried on at first, as belonging to the uniform, he put on others of silk only.
The white people who questioned the wisdom of starting this new school had in their minds pictures of what was called an educated Negro, with a high hat, imitation gold eye-glasses, a showy walking-stick, kid gloves, fancy boots, and what not--in a word, a man who was determined to live by his wits.
Of course," she added teasingly, "I did my hands up in lemon juice and kid gloves every night after it.
Bon Marche department store was selling its famous 2/6 Kid Glove ('the glove for presents') in the run-up to Christmas 1915.
Bruce said: "There's no need for the kid glove treatment with David any more - the gloves are off, now.
Temperament got the better of him at Newmarket last time, but this smart colt has been given the kid glove treatment at home to switch him off.
The grapes are delivered to a state-of-the-art fruit delivery system press pad, which treats them with kid glove gentleness.