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Synonyms for kid


kid yourself


  • fool yourself
  • delude yourself
  • deceive yourself
  • mislead yourself
  • con yourself
  • bamboozle yourself
  • dupe yourself
  • hoax yourself
  • trick yourself

Synonyms for kid

a young person between birth and puberty

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for kid

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At least four videos of the kid - purportedly a student of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Junior High School - bullying other kids have circulated on social media.
This deficiency can be filled by accelerated kidding to have maximum kid crops in 2 years.
The Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney has remained consistently at the top of the New York Times lists since the first book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, was published in 2007.
Kids' Cookery Classes DURING the school holidays, we hold kids' cookery classes in our Kids' Kitchen, which have various themes according to the season.
At, we give parents the total control of their children activities; they can instantly click to view their kid's pages from their own parent's dashboard.
I'm not a music teacher, I never have been, but I know a lot about kids and what makes them tick.
The park had become an afternoon retreat for the five kids that Sandra was supervising, located two blocks from the house she shares with her mother.
This also prevents kids who have been aggressive from feeling "ratted out," which can escalate their interest in revenge to the kid who "tattled." This illustration may help: When you observe children falling down when they are young, they look for the adult reaction before they cry.
Then the third guy, not the kid brother, he says well, we can't do a thing sitting here, boys, and he jumps up and runs right at the Germans firing his rifle, and he gets shot.
Even though all sorts of horrors hang in the city, Kid and Lanya occasionally stumble onto remarkable new ways of inhabiting their world.
I think a kid with mental toughness has that confidence that he'll do that no matter what the situation.
"These kids have to come out every day;" says Holly Wagg, president of the Ottawa-based not-for-profit organization that oversees inclusive Camp Ten Oaks.
A muscular Asian boy named Tim, a fine athlete and a sweet kid, took what is known as "the hot seat." His voice quaking, his head cast down, Tim commenced to lacerate himself for his shortcomings.
Newspaper Caper is the first ina new series of kids adventures by Max Eliot Anderson.
Getting hired there was a stroke of good luck for a kid from Wisconsin (even if the job offer had resulted from a fancy social connection), and I beamed all of a twenty-two-year-old's energy at the opportunity.