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Let's conclude this Kickshaws column with two examples.
A few years ago Kickshaws include the description of a sonnet generator that could generates sonnet's composed of Shakespeare's lines.
Stuart Kidd enjoyed Ray Love's license plate experience discussed in the previous Kickshaws.
I've counted over 200 articles under my name, plus some Kickshaws columns, and various offerings in Colloquy.
In the kitchen there was a great quantity of frogs among the dishes; adders' skins, with little children's fingers inside; salad of mushroom-seed; wet mice's snouts and hemlock; beer, from the brewery of the old Witch of the Moor; sparkling saltpetre wine from a grave-cellar,-- all very substantial eating: rusty nails and church-window glass were among the delicacies and kickshaws.
In a Kickshaws item entitled The Disappearing Doubles (Word Ways November 2009 p 281), I removed A to Z pairs of doubled letters from a word to form a new word.
This Kickshaws colu(mn is dedicated to the memory of Ross Eckler, a giant in the field of wordplay, a person who knew the English language and a vast number pf amazing words.
Jeff Grant writes: Well done on another excellent Kickshaws.
I don't know if you keep track of these things, but it was 30 years ago last month, in the August 1986 Word Ways, that you first hosted the Kickshaws department.
Recently in Word Ways, in Kickshaws and in the article presenting the entries in Dave Morice's geographical- names palindrome contest, there have appeared several remarkable new palindromes which it seems to me ought not to be let pass without being commented upon.
Recent editions of Kickshaws have featured lists of geographical names ending in--land.
Eckler's trigrams, Kickshaws as usual, Dave's palindrome contest, your Melencolia, the Grant and Kahan puzzles, Ray Love's Playful Poems and Danyl Francis' new isograms.
There are, of course, many more-lands than are in the latest Kickshaws," Dan Tilque notes.
I'm using Mean Sidewalks as an umbrella title for a miscellany of kickshaws I hope will be a semi-regular feature, siphoning off all my (Morice) Kickshaws-type contributions that involve illustrated or structured items, like the next.
In the August 2012 Kickshaws, Jim Puder discussed the longest words and names used in palindromes.