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a rhythmic thrusting movement of the legs as in swimming or calisthenics

the act of delivering a blow with the foot

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When they were kicking they had braced themselves with their front legs, but now they all stood or sat upright on their hind legs and used the front ones as arms.
Thus to the very first proposals which Boxtel made to Gryphus to filch the bulbs which Cornelius van Baerle must be supposed to conceal, if not in his breast, at least in some corner of his cell, the surly jailer had only answered by kicking Mynheer Isaac out, and setting the dog at him.
At first, he began to doubt the reality of his adventures, but the acute pain in his shoulders when he attempted to rise, assured him that the kicking of the goblins was certainly not ideal.
I hadn't learned the real science of kicking then, but the battery said they had never seen anything like it."
Colquhoun is bound to be an effective defensive weapon for the 2019 team, not only for his powerful straightaway kicking (and a high hang time) but also because he can rugby kick with great accuracy.
After a little help from Blues fly-half Steven Shingler to get the ball on the kicking tee, Jenkins strode up for the conversion and pushed his kick wide.
Consequently, the accuracy of kicking is considered an important component of soccer performance, and kicking accuracy has been defined as the ability to kick the soccer ball to a specified area (Finnoff et al., 2002).
Penalty shootouts in soccer favor the team kicking first--an advantage that widely is recognized by both statisticians and coaches.
The effect of fatigue on soccer technical skills, especially kicking, has been poorly investigated with only three studies having been reported in the literature.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The first prize in a photography contest has been awared to a photo showing Yusuf Yerkel, an aide to then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an, kicking a mourner in the Soma district of Manisa province in the wake of a mining disaster in May that killed 301 miners and wounded dozens of others.
I'll give it a whack and get it kicked back For kicking it's what I like most!
He also holds the record of kicking 6,370 times in one hour by breaking a previous record of 2,982 kicks held by Indian Jayanth Reddy in 21 minutes and 46 seconds.
Modern rugby is all about kicking - kicking for field position, kicking for goal and, nowhere near as often as we'd like, kicking off big time.
San Diego, CA, March 20, 2013 --( The International kicking camp is a rare opportunity for European American football players to showcase their skills in front of an American coach with direct connections into college football programs across the United States.
Diaz found that looking at two movements of specific areas of the body were sure-fire indications of which direction the ball, would be kicked: The angle at which the non-kicking foot is planted in the ground during the kick and the angle of the hips as the kicking foot swings forward.