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Synonyms for kicker

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

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a player who kicks the football

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The Kicker brings a world-class network of comedic talent to make our content great.
To their credit, lawmakers in 2007 suspended the corporate kicker and diverted the money to the rainy day fund.
Meanwhile, according to two Belmont University students, Bironas tried to sideswipe the truck that they were driving on the same night that the former Titan kicker died.
In which case if a kicker manages to kick the ball past the opponent's eight-yard line (or if he manages to kick the ball 62 yards), then he has--relative to an average kicker --given his team a benefit.
The Kicker Tweeter uses Sensor Technology MicroCheck advanced Semiconductor Technology and has a detection range of 0.
It is, then, unsurprising that fantasy pundits can't agree just which of those kickers is the most valuable.
The blockers can't protect, the holder can't hold, and the kicker can't kick if the snapper doesn't do his job.
Kicker Studio creates meaningful, lasting relationships to products by creating interfaces that feel as natural as a conversation.
The distribution of the kicker can be changed by a majority vote of the Legislature.
We always wanted a young man like (Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam) Vinatieri, more one of the guys, a contributor who will get the job done.
With good protection and a good snap the kicker has a better chance.
Kilted Kiwi Laney replaced kicker Chris Paterson in the first half of the clash with Italy and went on to achieve a record haul of 24 points, including one try.
a mobile Internet software and services company, today announced a content partnership with Kicker Online, one of the most popular sports news properties in Europe.
There was a time in Oregon not so long ago when the prospect of the state refunding nearly half a billion dollars to taxpayers while the state's public schools and other essential state services were in need would have prompted lawmakers to rise en masse to call for the suspension of the state's self-destructive kicker law.
The body of USC kicker Mario Danelo was found Saturday at the bottom of Point Fermin Park cliffs in San Pedro.