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Synonyms for kicker

a clever, unexpected new trick or method

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a player who kicks the football

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The state will include kicker information in the 2017 Oregon personal income tax return instructions that it will issue.
Meanwhile, according to two Belmont University students, Bironas tried to sideswipe the truck that they were driving on the same night that the former Titan kicker died.
In which case if a kicker manages to kick the ball past the opponent's eight-yard line (or if he manages to kick the ball 62 yards), then he has--relative to an average kicker --given his team a benefit.
The Kicker Tweeter uses Sensor Technology MicroCheck advanced Semiconductor Technology and has a detection range of 0.
It is, then, unsurprising that fantasy pundits can't agree just which of those kickers is the most valuable.
This change, together with the inclusion of an additional parameter that defines the probability distribution of the kicker's types, will generate a new game in which the kicker plays knowing the goalkeeper's characteristics but the goalkeeper plays against an uncertain opponent (who may be of two different types).
When this happens, the kicker has to wait or hesitate, which can result in a blocked kick.
Last year's attendees called for Kicker Studio to "do it again, pls," because as one attendee said days after D3 2011, "I am already making plans to attend next year.
Both Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature passed up opportunities to do away with the kicker before Oregon voters passed a referendum in 2000 that enshrined it in the Oregon Constitution, making it more difficult to suspend it.
That's why Calderwood, 26, quickly gained the respect of his teammates and coaches last season, not just as a kicker, but as an athlete.
A makeshift memorial sits above the site where USC kicker Mario Danelo was killed after apparently falling from a cliff.
With good protection and a good snap the kicker has a better chance.
Kilted Kiwi Laney replaced kicker Chris Paterson in the first half of the clash with Italy and went on to achieve a record haul of 24 points, including one try.
a mobile Internet software and services company, today announced a content partnership with Kicker Online, one of the most popular sports news properties in Europe.
Rather than a check in the mail, taxpayers will have to claim the kicker as a credit on their 2017 state taxes due next April.