kick up

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Synonyms for kick up

raising the feet backward with the hands on the ground

cause to rise by kicking

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Now officially the world's most expensive player, the Welshman was unveiled in a typically spectacular presentation at the Bernabeu on the final day of the transfer window, passing on a few words of thanks and nervously hitting a few kick ups in front of his new doting fans.
The 20-year-old was spotted doing countless kick ups, as he soaked up the sun during his festive getaway with his family, the Daily Mail reported.
John, a former Preston Town player, scooped his first world record by completing 83 'around the world' kick ups - passing the foot completely around the ball without letting it touch the ground - in one minute.
FIFA Street 3 on the Nintendo DS features an exclusive mini-game called Kick Ups that will challenge you to keep the ball in the air and test your ball juggling skills.