kick the bucket

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If an idiom has a literal counterpart, then both are symbolised in the same way -- that is the post-semantic idiomatic kick the bucket is literalized into its original meaning (literalization being the opposite of symbolisation, the process of conversion from post-semantic to semantic arrangement).
Terminal cancer patient Rowena Kincaid's documentary, Before I Kick the Bucket, will broadcast around the world
I'm going to create lists to do, not before you kick the bucket, but before this glorious spring gardening season is out.
I was moved to tears when I read that Wilfred Hardy hoped he would kick the bucket now his carer Natalie has been taken away as part of the spending cuts.
Carrie Fisher must wonder what she's doing here as the house mother who has little to do except kick the bucket in a bloody fashion.
I've created a bucket list of things to do before I kick the bucket and she's helping me do them.
These are some of the words and phrases that have been taken from the book 'Kick The Bucket And Swing The Cat: English Words And Phrases, And Their Curious Origins', by Alex Games priced at 9.99 pounds.
It is subtitled Kick The Bucket And Swing The Cat: English words and phrases and their curious origins.
THIS isn't a film set in a hardware store, it's about two old gents - wealthy, unpleasant Jack Nicholson and hard-working, dull Morgan Freeman - who meet when they're dying, and list everything they want to do before they kick the bucket.
"I stopped here and I want to be buried here with my late wife Alice when I kick the bucket."
''I SAW Catinha kick the bucket, so I don't thinkhe'llbe continuing,''Trevor Brooking told us (Celtic v Porto,BBC1, Wednesday).
As soon as they kick the bucket and head off to heaven or hell or wherever, the public can't seem to get enough of them.