kick around

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be around

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discuss lightly


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BHF's Lisa Purcell said: "Simple measures to improve the health of your workforce - like swapping tea-break biscuits for fruit, or getting the team together for a lunchtime kick around in the car park - can improve productivity, reduce staff turnover, and mean fewer sick days."
She enjoyed a kick around with Dizzee Rascal at the Big Weekend.
The pounds 100,000 play and kick around area is based in Moorside, North Tyneside.
IT'S A SAFE BET you won't have Los Angeles to kick around any more.
Some say it's because we don't have Kmart to kick around anymore.
I still get on one every once in awhile and kick around and do all the old dumb tricks like slappys and, as you said, no-complys.
As associate publisher, I lead a "Vision Team" through which we discuss, review, evaluate, discard, kick around and/or trash new ideas and concepts to enhance our core product.
The Clinton years have provided a fresh supply of material to kick around in this discussion, including the suspiciously timed and never justified bombing of a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory on the eve of Monica Lewinsky's grand jury testimony, the launching of an air strike on Iraq just before the House's impeachment vote, and the spectacle of feminists such as Gloria Steinem, who, after helping to run the lecherous lush Sen.
* We won't have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore, but you got to admit he would bring honor back to the White House.