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make unwanted and intrusive comments

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The message was no hangers-on, no observers, and no kibitzers.) The IPT concept was decision making and execution at the lowest level.
This kettling caused an uproar among the paddock watchers not seen since a rug was left on one of Mark Johnston's horses at the Dante meeting, especially as the conformation kibitzers were adamant they weren't responsible for Thursday's fisticuffs.
Agents, according to Hawkins' testimony, should include: "Contract advisers, financial planners, marketing reps, trainers, mentors, advisers, consultants, counselors, teachers, guides, tutors, coaches, confidants, spiritual advisers, Dutch uncles, kibitzers, yada yada yada."
Sources said kibitzers were seen hanging around near a bank inside the PCSO compound hoping to catch a glimpse of the lotto winner.
The little knot of kibitzers clucked nervously about my deafening ruckus.
Serious kibitzers are now weighing in on a long-simmering proposal to construct a $1.3 billion hydroelectric facility at Don Pedro Reservoir east of Modesto.
Free to have the wild things speak however they wanted, Jonze and Eggers surprisingly give them the voices and attitudes of middle-aged urban kibitzers; vaguely complaining and neurotic, the creatures are dominated by their sense of isolation and sadness.
Kibitzers and pundits, however, have no trouble reaching immediate and sweeping conclusions and egging on the policymakers to further their own agendas.
The crowd's kibitzers are betting on changes in the lineup.
There are about six million casual players throughout the country and several times that number of kibitzers. There's even some television coverage.
The cast of characters includes the author's wife, supportive yet skeptical; his two young daughters, with their innocent insights into their father's preoccupation; his astrologer mother, offering a different take on the stars; his father, a pragmatic workingman; his brother-in-law, a helpful handyman; various critics and kibitzers who delight in discouraging him; and his nemesis, the salesclerk at the building-supply store, always there to burst the author's bubble, lower his self-esteem, and empty his wallet.
Back row kibitzers, put away your crystal balls please.
While all tiffs gave the Washington establishment something juicy to blather about at their lunches and dinner parties, Casey did something else that the "kibitzers failed to notice and that few people other than Reagan understood: He created an OSS within the CIA itself.
comedian Bob Somerby, who edits the invaluable Daily Howler site but this year several new factors have thrust the kibitzers inside the mainstream news cycle.