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a collective farm or settlement owned by its members in modern Israel

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The reaction of most kibbutz scholars was to substitute the theoretical focus on the necessity of commitment building for the endurance of communal sharing, with emphasis on the need for maintaining a balance between rigid adherence to ideology and uncontrolled adoption of norms from the surrounding society.
Earlier this month, the kibbutz partnered with Cronos, a Canadian cannabis conglomerate, and will soon begin building a 45,000 square feet greenhouse that will produce up to five tons annually, a capacity both partners hope will expand to 24 tons a year before too long.
By shifting away from their socialist roots embracing differential salaries, members working off the kibbutz and non-members working on it the kibbutzim, which number about 250, have largely stabilized.
As they all come and go between Israel and Los Angeles, from the kibbutz to Jerusalem, we are rewarded with a better understanding of what keeps this clan together, though sometimes at arm's length.
Through a close reading of Assaf Gavron's novel The Hilltop (Hagiv'ah), (6) a novel which pits the settlements against the kibbutzim, Zionist ideology is revisited; though the Israeli cultural mindset generally distinguishes between the kibbutz and the settlement as two very different forms of habitus, and glosses over or dismisses similarities between the two, The Hilltop foregrounds this exact comparison, and reflects on settlers and kibbutz members in search of ideological similarities.
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We grew up together in the children's house on the kibbutz, and seven years after that Shavuot celebration we took an active part in another collective inauguration on the museum's stone plaza: a ceremony marking our entry into the official "Children's Society.
Kibbutz Movement spokesman Yoel Marshak said that the trip was supposed to allow the Palestinian children, aged between 12 and 15, "to circulate and learn about Israeli children their age".
When I volunteered on a kibbutz many years ago, it was light-years away from what exists today.
The case of the kibbutz highlights the tension between communities and the market in governing human interactions as well as the tension that exists between communities and the state in applying private schemes of redistribution.
In 2009, the Kibbutz Foundation reported that there were still 267 kibbutzim in Israel.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Israelis from a Negev kibbutz attacked a Bedouin village on Sunday, setting fire to a tent.
Toby Perl Freilich's thought-provoking docu "Inventing Our Life" sketches the history of the radically socialist, more-than-100-year-old kibbutz movement, and outlines its relationship to Zionism, the establishment of the state of Israel and changes in Israeli society.
Henry Near was born in the United Kingdom in 1929 and became a member of Kibbutz Beit Ha'emek, Israel, in 1955.
An Israel media report, picked up worldwide, claims Israel for the first time has given PA land to a kibbutz.