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a keyboard that is a data input device for computers

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A Keypad Display Interface Shall Offer The Modification Of Ac Drive Adjustments Through A Touch Keypad.
The keypad and software come together as a package deal in order to ensure that events run flawlessly.
The NewerTech Keypad is the ultimate easy-to-pair Bluetooth workhorse that's built to last in a precision-machined aluminum housing designed to complement the look and feel of Apple keyboards.
The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad works with all Bluetooth compatible computers, laptops and devices for the ultimate easy-to-pair Bluetooth workhorse that's built to last.
The new Keypad reward scheme gives increasing amounts of free electricity to Keypad customers who top up online or via the company's free phone app.
OEM remote controls manufacturer SMK-Link Electronics Corporation announced on Wednesday the UK availability of the Bluetooth Calculator Keypad.
Modern-day hackers can recognize your PIN numbers from ATM keypads using a digital infrared camera.
The power button, OneKey recovery and battery status shortcut buttons are sandwiched between the battery compartment and the keypad.
In addition, the keypad can be used with Camera Corps' multi-camera combiner unit to allow up to four joystick operators and up to four CCU engineers to control the 96 cameras and pan & tilt heads simultaneously, using just a single data line.
The overhead mixer employs a full-function remote control keypad and lockout feature.
series keypad is a useful product for any application that requires a key-entry control, including access control systems, industrial machinery, banking terminals, public telephones, kiosks, and vending machines.
SG-100 is a stainless steel indoor keypad; SG-WM200 is a weatherproof mullion-mounted unit; SG-W300 is a weatherproof wall-mounted designer unit; and SG-WR150 is a surface-mount, tamper-resistant, weatherproof keypad.
Both a 26-key alphanumeric keypad for preliminary numeric keypad data entry and a 48-key or 52-key full alpha keypad for numeric and text data entry are available.
Anything you can do with your source equipment's remote control, you can also do from any room that has a keypad.
This is a useful property for the rubber keypads used on calculators, cell phones and other devices because the film prevents dirt and oils from penetrating the surface, and it protects printed legends and preserves keypad appearance.