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marine limpet having a conical shell with an opening at the apex

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After removing the influence of size on body weight (residual analysis), no influence of fisheries management regime on body dry weight of keyhole limpets ([F.
Our evaluation on the direct influence of protection on both reproductive investment and general condition of keyhole limpets and red sea-urchins showed a consistent lack of effect of protection on body dry weight and gonadosomatic index.
We compared two levels of protection, determined by fisheries management regimes (in turn associated to fishing pressure) on reproductive investment (gonadosomatic index) and body dry weight of two economically and ecologically important rocky reef species in central Chile: the keyhole limpet, Fissurella latimarginata and the red sea-urchin, Loxechinus albus.
At each sampling area between 13 and 46 reproductive individuals of the keyhole limpet Fissurella latimarginata and the red sea-urchin Loxechinus albus were collected during the reproductive peak reported for both species (Table 1; Guisado & Castilla, 1987; Brown et al.
94) on gonadosomatic index of the keyhole limpet after removing the effect of size (residuals).
Nevertheless, the residual analysis of the relationships between gonadosomatic index and size did not show significant differences between upwelling conditions neither for the keyhole limpet ([F.
For example in keyhole limpet (KLH) two hemocyanin isoforms exist and it has been reported that at physiological pH7.
Quaternary structure, subunits and domain patterns of two discrete forms of keyhole limpet hemocyanin: KLH1 and KLH2.
Keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH): a biomedical review.
The role of two distinct types in the architecture of keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH).
Isolation and spectroscopic characterization of the structural subunits of keyhole limpet hemocyanin.
Knowledge about the breeding cycle of Chilean species of keyhole limpets is scarce.
ABSTRACT In Chile, various species of keyhole limpet of the Fissurella genus constitute a multispecific fisheries activity.
KEY WORDS: breeding cycle, keyhole limpet, larval development, Fissurella
The breeding cycle of keyhole limpet Fissurella barbadensis Gmelin.