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In the case of accompanied works, music is included for a single principal instrument featured with a keyboard instrument usually constrained to a subordinate role throughout the composition, for example, a sonata for flute with piano accompaniment, a concerto for violin with the orchestral accompaniment condensed and arranged for piano, or similarly, a piano concerto with the orchestral accompaniment condensed and arranged for second piano.
Also part of the exhibition is the large collection of Finnish keyboard instruments, as well as non-European instruments.
Moving away from keyboard instruments, Birmingham Conservatoire is the venue for a double bill of music by Mark-Anthony Turnage, once composer-in-association with the CBSO, and a continuing presence with Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.
Jaroslav Tuma is an extremely versatile musician, one with the rare gift of weaving magic from any keyboard instrument he lays his hands on.
This hardware was combined with the ancient breath-operated musical flute to produce a keyboard instrument in which the musician could command more than one octave and was not limited by his lung power.
Claire Morris, who runs the courses, said: "We aim to offer the most enjoyable and up-to-date approach for anyone wishing to learn to play a keyboard instrument, and on Saturday we will show parents and children just how easy it is to get started, for free.
Patented by Auguste Mustel in 1886, the celesta is a keyboard instrument with steel bars that rest on felt supports over individual wooden resonator boxes; the bars are shuck from above with felted hammers.
was the main domestic keyboard instrument of north Germany in Benda's time.
Valuable new information on the Grabner family of Dresden is supplied in Kerstin Schwarz's lengthy study of the brothers Johann Gottfried and Johann Wilhelm Grabner; a list compiled from contemporary sources shows at least a dozen keyboard instrument makers active in Dresden in the last third of the eighteenth century, when the piano began to supersede the harpsichord in popularity and took on an important role at court.
The exchanges of musical instruments and musicians between the court of Burgundy and the court of Ferrara provide tangible evidence that Arnaut's dulce melos or the idea of striking action on a string keyboard instrument was exported to Italy in the fifteenth century.
BONUS WINNER: KEITH PRIDDIS OF PETERBOROUGH, CAMBS ACROSS DOWN 1 Capital of Hungary (8) 7 Keyboard instrument (5) 8 Sharp (5) 9 Jane -, Emma author (6) 10 Indonesian holiday island (4) 12 Help in crime (4) 14 US coin worth five cents (6) 17 Sum (5) 18 Abrupt, curt (5) 19 West African republic (8) 1 Not genuine (5) 2 Peril (6) 3 Summit (4) 4 Finnish steam bath (5) 5 Last of the Summer Wine character played by Kathy Staff (4,5) 6 Make or pass laws (9) 11 Spectacular failure (6) 13 Additional (5) 15 Familiar, recognised (5) 16 Take flight (4) SOLUTION to Crossword October 24th ACROSS 1 Magpie, 3 Crab, 7 Pale, 8 Wobble, 10 Explode, 13 Eclipse, 16 Flimsy, 17 Heat, 18 Exit, 19 Writer.
It is the keyboard instrument which takes precedence, though Mozart could never make the stringed instrument subservient.
If players want to sit Standard Grades and Highers they have to learn to play a keyboard instrument and a non-keyboard one.
In the early centuries of keyboard instrument making it is not unusual to find families with several members who were engaged in this activity.
An obvious question regards the kind of keyboard instrument (s) for which Galuppi's sonatas were intended.